Monday, February 20, 2012

Very muddy 'round here

As much as I love self-growth and processing my inner world, I under-estimated the therapy-component of grad school.  I actually picked Regis because (I thought) they are less into all that processing like at Naropa (that and they were 2x the price!).  As I write that, I think wow how could I not have expected to be doing therapy while I'm getting trained to do therapy?  I am exhausted after my second weekend of class.  I'm feeling very resistant to all the vulnerable sharing everyone is doing in class, and find myself very judgmental of their level of self-awareness. Definitely dealing with a lot of judgment - I sense a lot of ego-sharing, and not enough interest in the wisdom that comes from silence.  Wait, that is funny!  Shut up, people, shut up with your trauma and drama sharing (is what I really mean).  My solace is the horses.

This is what they do when they hear me walk up! Isn't it so cute?  Lemme out!  I want dinner!

This is Ponyo, Rosie to the left, Shanti to the right and Curly in the distance, with the "thugs" (boys) in the pasture in the distance to the right.

This is Curly, James' new horse.  She has the strangest curly coat.  She has a very sweet nature but spooked and bucked him off the other day.  Not a good sign.  James' mom Cathy is the one who has mentored me in how to turn in the horses from pasture.  She grew up on a farm in Scotland and is a spit fire!  I love her so much, she is so upbeat and happy.  

Donna (pushy bitch) - in pink
Minuet (sweetest girl EVER) - in blue

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  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    LOVE THIS insight into your times at the farm. really touhes me, the lengths (re the therapy) you will go to to grow and face life's challenges, messy and unpleasant as they are at times.

    gee this is a nice concept - weekends off.

    love you!