Sunday, April 08, 2012

the year of turning 40...

I jetted out to San Francisco in February to surprise my high school friend Pam for her 40th birthday - disco party style!  Since my birthday isn't until October, it was a nice warm-up for what 40 will bring.  I knew it would be a super fun party.  Because's Pam's middle name is FUNNY.
She's super witty and always ready with awarding-winning wise-ass cracks .

Here's Pam's parents, Mary and Dave.  I love them.
They were always SO sweet and welcoming.
I wasn't sure if they would recognize me after all these years, but they did!

Surprising Pam was so fun, although in typical I-roll-with-whatever style, she gave me an enthusiastic but a little dazed "HI!", "HEY!", "WOW! So many people here all at once!".  Since I go to the city so often, I kept repeating that I came this time just to surprise her.  I could sort of tell by her reaction that she was caught off guard, but it wasn't the lose-my-shit kind of excitement I had secretly hoped for.  I went into the side room to take off my jacket, and a minute later she wandered in, going - as we who spent our teenage years in Southern California would - "DUDE, oh my gawd DUDE".  She was genuinely surprised and explained that she was in such shock that it took her a bit to register.  That was really fun and I'm so glad I did it! 

There are so many things I love about Pam, and we have shared so much.  I had moved to California mid-high school, and left behind my bestie Kathleen.  Senior year I fell in with a boisterous bunch of gal pals, and through college my friendship with Pam deepened.  We both spent the summer & holiday breaks back at home, and would often talk until 3am in my driveway when she went to drop me off.  Oh, we could get deep.  Talk and talk and talk.  After college, Pam, Kathleen and I decided to backpack (and eat our way) through Europe for a few months, and that alone is a whole funny long blog post.  After that, all three of us ended up in San Francisco and have shared many good times and deep talks since.  Love you Pammie!

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