Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring 2012

We have returned from the amazing wedding of Matt & Alexandra, and it was just so much activity and memory-making that I am overwhelmed about where to begin. So I'll go backward from now to then! I attended yet another of Jen's women's circles that honor the turning of the seasonal wheel. I am the official photographer and historian, of course, of her most incredibly beautiful altars. This month we took the flowers around the altar and made ourselves crowns. As Jen pointed out, when you look closely, mine has devil horns. How did THAT happen?!

I'm still very much enjoying my time with the horses, as well as leading my women's circle (Pregnant Ali is there on top left during a sweet twilight call), playing with curling my hair, a ride-along with Officer Woop Woop, and support my sister who got laid-off! Don't fret about Patricia though, it was a blessing in disguise.

For M&A's rehearsal dinner, Mom wanted to put together a slideshow of each of their lives. In sorting through old photos, it really made me appreciate my family even more, and especially my relationship with Matt. We were always together, side-by-side, growing up. Of course in adolescence he got sick of his little sister following him around, but eventually we reunited. We have a great relationship, and I already thought he was super cool, totally goof-ball funny, and really smart. Now that he picked this AMAZING woman to marry, it makes me think even more of him! Wow. Speaking of, here's her as a little girl:

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