Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apogaea 2012

I haven't missed an Apogaea (the regional burning man "festival") since my first in 2009. Last year I was really sick but soldiered on anyway. 2010 was fun too!

Our camp was the "Story Portal". Any random passerby could hop up there, spin the wheel and give it a go. It was a smashing success and was wonderful to see what happened when people opened up and spontaneously told their story. I wish someone had gotten video of me and Amy's reenactment of Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the places you'll go!"

Oh, and then there was Circus camp. This shot is worth a little study.

I came upon a camp named Campalicious, and *happened* to have our tattoos from 2005 burning man. What are the chances?!

Really, though, nothing compared to the wedding held at Circus camp. The bride and groom did their "first dance" by trapeeze!
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