Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall, my favorite season!

Shaya and I took a late summer trip to Grand Lake to visit her friend, a fabulous artist, Linda Israel.  Linda has an unparalleled and vibrant connection to animals and her paintings of bears in particular are very well known.  While we were staying at Linda's, we got multiple lessons in Moose encounters.  Apparently Moose are the most dangerous animal in Colorado, given their tendency to charge (especially if you're with a dog, who they mistake for a predator wolf or coyote).  She told us many stories about her 1:1 experiences, and we were definitely well-informed.  So, on a Sunday morning run along the lake, we about poo'd our pants when a boater yelled "MOOSE!  MOOSE!" and we suddenly came upon one right on the trail.  We bolted behind a tree (always get something between yourself and the Moose) and stood quiet for what felt like 15 minutes.  Painfully slowly, with an ever watchful eye on us, he walked uphill.  The (cow) female and their calf were right behind.  Wow was that exciting and memorable!  Take my word for it, you won't forget your introduction to a Moose.

And now that we're into fall, I got in a leaf peeping trip with Shira, and enjoyed another one of Jen's fabulous seasonal rituals.  She makes the most incredible altars and does some pretty witchy rituals!  I am always resistent inside to singing songs about the earth or dancing to rattles, but in the end I predictably feel alive and great.  This time,  we said out loud "I consent to the descent" as we ate pomegrante seeds (representing Persephone's descent to the underworld).  The top left picture of Shaya... you'll have to wait and see on that one!

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