Sunday, September 16, 2012

Letter for my niece...

My niece is going away to a camp and I wanted to send her off with a letter for her journey...

Dearest beautiful niece Breauna,

When I think of you, my very first picture is of you when you were three years old, dancing in the living room of the little one bedroom house on Forbes. Your brown eyes sparkled so bright and I can feel your heart exploding with joy! I am so grateful for the bonding we had during your earliest years, and I love that I get to be your goofy Aunt Helen. As I have watched you grow over the years, I still see those bright brown eyes and big loving soft heart. I have also seen how painful growing up can be, and how we all tend to close little doors around our heart as our feelings get hurt or we become scared about what may happen if we fail (or fall). You have always been such a high achiever, so able to excel in school. And I've been amazed at watching you blossom... from a little girl who I thought was kind of shy... to a girl who is outgoing and fun and giggles with her friends. Your ability to have good friends makes me very happy. Though you may not have the same friends 20 years from now, I know that your ability to love will bless you with very good solid positive friendships.

I remember being so deeply insecure in my teenage years... and I have often said "you couldn't pay me to go back to high school!!" I wish that I had someone who pulled me aside and said, remember your beauty! Remember your open joyful heart! It took me a long time to find my way back to that younger self, that little girl who jumped around so freely and danced with wild abandon (with YOUR mom)! It is such an interesting to me that as we get older, to be happier and wiser we actually have to become younger and younger (but in a different way). I am so in awe of the life that your Mom and Dad have created for you. They are two of the hardest working people I know, and your Dad is SO brave and creative, and your mom the backbone of soul! Ha! I love that they have given you such a supportive and stable family / home to grow up in. I know that this foundation and love they give you will help you soar in life.

As you move ever closer to the "act two" of your life (graduating high school and heading to college), I hope that you are able to "live from your heart." In our society, that really isn't something that we focus on. We are focused on achievement, success, results. And while these are all VERY good things, we also sometimes have to let go of things that don't feed our heart. When I watch you do your art, it makes me giddy with pride, because you are truly painting from your heart. You are SUCH a sensitive Being, so sweet (just like your mom and Dad), and a gentle soul. With that kind of softness, I know that you may need to protect yourself in a way that others may not. Just remember it's okay to have boundaries that work for YOU, and that it may take years for you to return to that joyful free heart of the three year old!

I love you so dearly. You define what a treasure is to me.

Aunt Helen

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  1. This is absolutely lovely that it almost made me teared ;_;

    Why is your niece so lucky to have such a caring aunt like you? When I was about to go for my studies, my aunts merely had dinner with me and off I go.

    The pictures that you've posted are really lovely too.

    With the support and love from you and her parents, I am sure your niece will be able to live life strongly.