Sunday, October 07, 2012

Fabulous 40th Birthday!

Approaching this big birthday made me realize exactly why they call it a mid-life crisis. Holy shit! This is pretty much the middle. I struggled this whole year with a nagging feeling of discontent. I have come to learn to honor these things, and although it wasn't necessarily a fun year (to this point), I came through it and have had some beautiful experiences. Jamie, Shaya, Patricia and my momma helped me to plan a birthday bash worthy of this big event! The theme was "rock star" and well... everyone kept asking who I was dressed as - um - HELEN, people! Since when did I shy away from dressing ridiculously?
Thank you to our brilliant baker, Becca, for making my favorite cakes - whole wheat carrot cake with walnuts! chocolate cake! And an "H" shape cake. Wow! I have SUCH incredible friends. Early on in the night I would look around the room, and almost with surprise, would think "Oh! Caroline! Caroline is here!" (repeat repeat repeat).
I very carefully selected my guests and I can say every one of them is completely dear to me, and amazing people. Every one of them has a special spark and contributes something very unique to my life. Huge thank yous to my Mom, Matt & Alexandra (aka Shakira), and Aunt Peggy & Uncle John who all came in from out of state!  We got to meet the belly which is carefully baking my nephew, baby Boy (Barney?) Kearney. 
Oh... and then there was the highlight of the night... my birthday video. Watch and tell me what you think. Thank you Shaya / Barbara for the relentless HOURS and creativity you spent on this project. It's unforgettable and priceless to me, as is your loyalty and friendship.
On Monday, the day of my actual birthday, my girlfriends from the loft (work)... the "Hot Babes" Sara, Kate and Greer asked me to come celebrate with them for lunch at 1pm. Little did I know they kidnapped me and we spent the afternoon at the massage. People don't really surprise me, like ever, and I was legitimately FLOORED. It took a long time to sink in and have to say was the PERFECT way to spend my 40th birthday! It felt like such a luxury to have so many hours with my girlfriends that afternoon, and so decadent. Plus, these were the perfect friends to really create, in very specific words and images, what I want to manifest in the next year and especially the next ten years.  It was an afternoon with breakthrough conversation and I will never forget what I came up with.  Wow.  Thank you thank you thank you.

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