Monday, November 05, 2012

Familiar... but new

Oh, well here I am again.  Working from home for HP!  What a surprise.  NEVER thought I would be in this position again.  What a turn of events.  Thanks to my fabulous friend Kate, who has helped me vision for years... I was able to name, a few months ago, the three things that I love to do, am good at and want to do for work:  Consult, do projects, work on process.  It is wild how much I am loving it.  The commodity in this business is people, and there's nothing more important to most than how they spend their work hours.  It's really fun to contact people who are generally excited to hear from me.  The training curve is really high, due to a lot of internal HP processes, but sourcing candidates is a whole new part of the job that I don't know.  It is truly amazing how the social media aspect of our culture plays into job searches, in particular LinkedIn.  Get your profile up there and start adding your connections to your network.  It is truly how you find good jobs.  In fact, it's how I found this job.  I just happened to see my friend Vera on LinkedIn, from Mercury days, and sent her a message to say hi.  She called me right away and within the course of a week had five interviews for this particular role.   Thank you blessed synchronistic universe, for she was looking to hire a recruiter for the sales organization which I just worked for @ HP.  Because of my personal experience with that arm of HP, I understand the demands, challenges and requirements needed for a successful hire.  She definitely took a risk on me, since I haven't had a 100% specific recruiting role.  I got feedback last week that the two recruiters training me are impressed how fast I'm picking it all up.  YAY!

 Halloween.  Always time to get in a few push-ups!  Costumes?  Open up my outfit box and voila, a blonde French Bond girl. 
Ah, horses.  Ah, snow.  After a year of "handling" horses, I finally got up ON the horse for my first lesson, with Spot.  By my second lesson, she had me take my feet out of stirrups (to lengthen and strech my hips) and trotting hands-free.  Bumpy ride, but good to practice balance.

Yum, fall foods.  Red trout with acorn squash, roasted with butter, pecans & brown sugar, and pumpkin mashed potatoes!  An attempt at pot roast.  Meh.  I want to follow Uncle Bob's advice next go: Smash a few garlic cloves really well,then mix with 3 tablespoons of Anchovy Paste,into a paste, then add to the warm liquid. Add a can of plum tomatoes,and a tablespoon of tomato paste. A high quality beef stock should be added as part of the liquid,home made is the best! Thyme(more)and Rosemary(less) with a bay leaf work well. When it's done,take the meat out and keep it warm,then boil the liquid for a bit to reduce it,then add 2 or 3 tablespoons of Cognac,mix it,then pour over the roast and serve.

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