Monday, December 03, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 & Barney baby shower

Well, I waited so long to post these Thanksgiving and baby shower pictures that they already had the baby!  Oh, well, between starting a new job (yay me) and finishing up final papers & exam, it's pretty much understandable.  We had an awesome time, as always, with Matt and Alexandra.  Thanksgiving was pretty magical, as we got to spend more time with the Ramos family.  Between her siblings, partners, her nieces and nephews, that is a big gang.  It really made me both so happy for Matt that he has this extended family (and they love him, of course) and also kind of jealous!!  I mean, who wouldn't love a family that plays BEER PONG after Thanksgiving dinner?!

Then, Alexandra's sister Diana hosted a fantastic baby shower, the BEST I've ever been to. The decorations were incredible and she hand-made 50 cakepops and cut fruit that sat in a watermelon baby carriage.  But the games were the best; a beer drinking contest out of baby bottles, a memory game, measure Alexandra's belly and more.  Very fun.  Again, I love her family.  And mine too!  Lots of love here.  And look at her cute belly.  Look dat.

Then, MY family all got together (minus the Subhadra clan who were all in New York for a wedding).  It cracked me up when my dad, me and my brothers stood in a line for pictures... I was the only one without glasses so I put on my computer glasses.  Oh, and then there's the family by marriage - look at my gorgeous sisters-in-law (top left picture)!  We pretty much scored there, plus have some great diversity coming into our white blood... Columbian, Latina and Filipino!  Gorgeous babies are being made!

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