Sunday, February 24, 2013

little munchkin, my first visit

I met my new little nephew, Skyler Francisco through many Skype sessions.  Nothing compares to meeting him in person though!

The first weekend of my visit my brother spent the morning putting on this incredible semi-professional photo shoot.  A turtle, a superhero, a monkey.

I always love getting to see my niece and nephew, and I got to spend the night at their new house and take a ride in my niece's new Lexis!  I'm so proud of her, she is a very good kid, and look how big my nephew Brandon is!.

Subhadra drove down Friday and found me working on the lawn, so of course we had an impromptu on-the-grass makeover session.  We determined that we are getting far too many wrinkles and the top left picture is how we would look with a face lift (which on my life I will NEVER get).

I love this picture of Alexandra when I woke her up at 11am for his feeding.  Hee.

And because I just spent hours going through and editing excessive photo collection, there's not much else I can say.  Storybook says it al.

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