Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 in review

In early 2013, I didn't devote any time to reflecting on 2012 or creating what I wanted in 2013.  This taught me a tough lesson as it was a relatively disorganized, stressful and "itchy" year.  I'm 41 and perhaps this was my mid-life crisis.
It was such a busy year and every free moment filled with work, work, then more work.  That's been the theme of this past year; swim, jump, leap, run, 100 MPH it's go-go-go time.  I got my feet wet (without drowning) at my first gig as a Corporate Sales Recruiter, continued grad school at a steady pace, and made the interesting decision to become Board President of my HOA association.  Add on top of that, two women's groups, helping plan my sister's wedding, lots of visits to see my new nephew Skyler and a 12 day trip to Peru. 

One of the classes I took this year was Career Counseling, and much of what I learned both transformed the way I think about careers and was a big wake-up call.  When I grouped all of the ways I spent my time, all those activities had the quality of "work" and took up 75% of my time.  In class we assessed different profile types (i.e. hover parents whose life is defined by their children) and the professor typed me as workaholic.  It was truly shocking for me to hear those words, and an absolutely killer insight.  

The only problem was there wasn't any way to drop any of my commitments, or so I thought.  The class ended up challenging me about why I was gripped in the role of Board President, since it's a volunteer position.  Why did I hold on?  Themes of being responsible or no one's going to do it but me were at the core. We had a terrible management company and I had basically been doing a good chunk of their work - and with 278 owners and only 50% owner-occupied, I had basically opened myself up for the potential of 417 owners or tenants to contact me.  And then, the devastating weather and floods in September happened; we had 2 carports collapse, 3 ceilings collapse (from roof leaks), 16 garden level units mostly destroyed by flooding and an elevator go out.  It almost broke me.  Finally, in late November I resigned as Board President and became the interim Treasurer (who resigned the same night).  Thank goodness we just hired an amazing new management company (or so we hope) and they are finally taking over some key projects. 

Today I'll be spending some time with friends to do what was missed last year... I want to take more time to blog the year more as I go; after all writing and pictures are two of my favorite things!

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